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Tufts University School of Medicine

School of Medicine News

  • Students from Tufts University School of Medicine

    School of Medicine students evaluate programs and policies to combat HIV in Namibia

  • Woman at podium wearing graduation cap

    The 2018 School of Medicine graduates are ready to tackle health-care challenges

  • Ismée Williams, M99, a pediatric cardiologist, talks about using literature to reach young patients and educate and spread awareness.

  • A generous donor teams up with Tufts to support research and teaching through the Professorship Partnership Challenge.

  • Illustration of baby's head and smartphone

    A new app seeks to aid a growing number of drug-exposed newborns

  • Dong Kong, assistant professor of neuroscience at the School of Medicine, and a team of Tufts researchers have unraveled some of the biggest mysteries about how leptin, the hormone produced by white fat cells that regulates weight maintenance and appetite, works in the brain. Their research opened the door to new clinical approaches for both obesity and diabetes, two of the world’s most-pressing health concerns.

  • Ira Pastan sitting at a table with his Tufts microscope

    Now a leader in cancer immunotherapy, Ira Pastan, A53, M57, still has his Tufts microscope.

  • Caroline Genco and her team identify gender-specific signatures in gonorrhea-infected men and women.

  • Learn about the new CTSI Clinical & Translational Science Research Center Voucher Program that supports access to the CTRC.