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Tufts University School of Medicine

School of Medicine News

  • Jody Schindelheim

    Since 1982, Jody Schindelheim—the director of the adult psychiatry residency training program at Tufts Medical Center and the director of medical student education in psychiatry and a clinical professor at the School of Medicine—has been meeting with third-year medical students for an hour each week during their eight-week medicine clerkship. He books the room, convenes the meeting, and then mostly keeps quiet and stays out of the way as the eight to ten students compare notes and grapple with career decisions—required sessions that have affectionately come to be known as “Schindel-Time.”

  • Improve your game and your health with these tips from the Golf Doc.

  • Tufts alum Dawn Gross

    Tufts alum Dawn Gross on why hard conversations about life and death are so important to have right now.

  • illustration of symbol of medicine by Chris Gash

    Tufts-affiliated doctors are involved in a new model of medical-care delivery.

  • Students from Tufts University School of Medicine

    School of Medicine students evaluate programs and policies to combat HIV in Namibia

  • Bree Aldridge and her team

    Bree Aldridge is no traditional microbiologist—she’s a bioengineer by training, with talents for intense computational modeling and mathematics that have already helped her break at least one new paradigm in the TB field. And now, with an interdisciplinary team of engineers-turned-biologists, and biologists newly trained in heavy computation, she has joined the vanguard in a new era of tuberculosis research, where her contributions could revolutionize how this deadly disease is understood and treated.

  • Woman at podium wearing graduation cap

    The 2018 School of Medicine graduates are ready to tackle health-care challenges

  • Ismée Williams, M99, a pediatric cardiologist, talks about using literature to reach young patients and educate and spread awareness.

  • A generous donor teams up with Tufts to support research and teaching through the Professorship Partnership Challenge.