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Tufts University School of Medicine

School of Medicine News

  • Bree Aldridge and her team

    Bree Aldridge is no traditional microbiologist—she’s a bioengineer by training, with talents for intense computational modeling and mathematics that have already helped her break at least one new paradigm in the TB field. And now, with an interdisciplinary team of engineers-turned-biologists, and biologists newly trained in heavy computation, she has joined the vanguard in a new era of tuberculosis research, where her contributions could revolutionize how this deadly disease is understood and treated.

  • Jason T. Szelog processes with his classmates during the Phase II Commencement ceremony for the Tufts School of Medicine

    The 2018 School of Medicine graduates are ready to tackle health-care challenges

  • Ismée Williams, M99, a pediatric cardiologist, talks about using literature to reach young patients and educate and spread awareness.

  • A generous donor teams up with Tufts to support research and teaching through the Professorship Partnership Challenge.

  • Illustration of baby's head and smartphone

    A new app seeks to aid a growing number of drug-exposed newborns

  • Infared thermal image of mouse littermates after CRISPR gene editing of leptin signaling.

    Dong Kong, assistant professor of neuroscience at the School of Medicine, and a team of Tufts researchers have unraveled some of the biggest mysteries about how leptin, the hormone produced by white fat cells that regulates weight maintenance and appetite, works in the brain. Their research opened the door to new clinical approaches for both obesity and diabetes, two of the world’s most-pressing health concerns.

  • Ira Pastan sitting at a table with his Tufts microscope

    Now a leader in cancer immunotherapy, Ira Pastan, A53, M57, still has his Tufts microscope.

  • An innovative wearable device puts Tufts on the front lines in fighting high blood pressure.

  • Ramnath Subbaraman, MD, assistant professor of public health and community medicine

    Ramnath Subbaraman of Tufts University School of Medicine wins a 2018 Clinical Scientist Development Award for his research on tuberculosis in India