Research/Areas of Interest: Dr. Sawtelle's research is focused on kinematic, kinetic, and muscle activation deficits during functional activities in the adult neurologic population. Most recently she has been interested in the effects of speed on muscle activation post-stroke. She is also pursuing a nutrition certification to investigate whether neuro biomechanical changes may be influenced by the integration of physical therapy and wholistic dietary practices.


  • Bachelor of Science, University Texas, United States, 2004
  • MPT, University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston, Texas, United States
  • PhD, Texas Women's University, Houston, United States


Dr. Sawtelle serves as a core faculty member for the Tufts Doctor of Physical Therapy Program - Phoenix. She has been teaching in higher education since 2013 and practicing physical therapy since 2007. She has practiced in a variety of settings including acute care, long term acute care, in-patient/subacute rehab, outpatient rehab, skilled nursing, and home-health care with a strong emphasis in adult neurologic rehabilitation. Her interests have expanded to the implementation of innovative delivery models for the provision of physical therapy care to the underserved neurologic community. She is also pursuing an integration of physical therapy with wholistic nutrition and health practices for adults with neurologic movement disorders.