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Small Animal Imaging Preclinical Testing Facility

SAIPTF animation collage

The Tufts Small Animal Imaging Preclinical Testing Facility (SAIPTF) provides equipment and expertise for molecular and anatomical imaging for basic research and translational studies in live animals. In addition to supporting research at Tufts University and affiliated hospitals, the Facility offers a wide range of contract research services for Biotech and Pharma.

Major instrumentation includes:

  • PerkinElmer IVIS Spectrum CT Biophotonic Imager
  • VisualSonics Vevo 2100 Ultrasound Imaging System
  • Skyscan 1176 High Resolution Micro-CT Scanner
  • Bruker ICON MRI
  • Leica MZ-FLIII Stereo Fluorescence Microscope

The technology provided by these instruments is applicable to a wide range of research areas that include tumor and stem cell biology, infectious disease, neurobiology, wound healing and signal transduction. The Facility is also equipped to develop imagable animal models and perform surgical procedures and cell/tissue culture to support in vivo imaging and preclinical testing studies with these instruments.

For cancer researchers at academic institutions and companies, the Facility offers novel luciferase- and fluorescent protein-based syngeneic and xenograft models as well as technical services for studying in vivo tumor growth and metastasis and preclinical drug testing. A technician is available for animal handling/husbandry, introduction of tumor cells and therapeutics into animals, and other services.

Contract Research

Contract research is available. If interested, please contact:
Gary Sahagian, Ph.D.
Professor of Developmental, Molecular & Chemical Biology