• Individual

    The Department of Molecular Biology and Microbiology celebrates the 50th-anniversary of its founding. MORE>>

    Since 2007, medical faculty have been working with Boston teachers to get kids excited about studying health and disease. MORE>>

    Flavia Peréa and Linda Sprague Martínez's Train4Change community health initiative targets obesity through fitness instructor training. MORE>>

  • Community

    Elisabeth Adkins, the first student to take advantage of the Mammalian Genetics at JAX Track, is examining the genetic underpinnings of lupus. MORE>>

    Sackler School’s Elisabeth Adkins is examining the genetic underpinnings of the autoimmune disease - See more at: http://now.tufts.edu/articles/student-s-search-origins-lupus#sthash.xijN2fJC.dpuf

    Elisabeth Adkins

    We need to overcome stigmas and advance our understanding of mental illness, says Paul Summergrad, chair of psychiatry. MORE>>

    Tufts medical students are helping to empower young girls in Boston's Chinatown community through education and awareness. MORE >>

    Middle school children participate in an icebreaker activity during a session of the Girls Values Program at the Boston Chinatown Neighborhood Center
  • World

    NIH Director’s New Innovators Award recipient Bree Aldridge is working to decipher the tuberculosis bacteria’s defenses. MORE>>

    Fourth-year medical students gathered on “Match Day” to learn where they will begin their residency training following graduation this spring. MORE>>

    Gail Sonenshein and her research team find promising target in battle against aggressive breast cancer tumors. MORE>>