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    Twenty-three 2014 TUSM graduates inducted into Honos Civicus, Tisch College’s unique honors society for active citizens. MORE>>

    When we eat even though we don’t need to, our minds are playing tricks on us, says Emmanuel Pothos. MORE>>
    Emmanuel Pothos
    Military service is too often left out of the patient’s medical profile argues Henry Klapholz, a long-time physician and dean for clinical affairs. MORE>>
    Henry Klapholz
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    Tufts Institute for Innovation has great expectations for tackling some of the world’s formidable public health problems. MORE>>

    Students share their CSL stories of volunteering in the community, serving the homeless, prisoners and at-risk youth with Tufts Now. MORE>>

    Skating to a new career: Cherie Hendrickson left a high-flying Russian hockey team for Tufts’ physician assistant program. MORE>>

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    U.S. medicine is not delivering the value it should, says alum Rishi Manchanda, who offers a prescription for the future. MORE>>

    Profile in Giving: Michael Och, M57, A81P, understands the challenges many students face when it comes to getting a medical education. MORE>>

    Michael Och, MD

    Learn more about our Health Communication master's degree, certificate, and professional development courses from alumni and faculty.  WATCH VIDEO>>