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Tufts University School of Medicine
Bree Aldridge and her team

Bree Aldridge is no traditional microbiologist—she’s a bioengineer by training, with talents for intense computational modeling and mathematics that have already helped her break at least one new paradigm in the TB field. And now, with an interdisciplinary team of engineers-turned-biologists, and biologists newly trained in heavy computation, she has joined the vanguard in a new era of tuberculosis research, where her contributions could revolutionize how this deadly disease is understood and treated.

Tufts Now recently spoke to Carol Kumamoto, a microbiologist at Tufts School of Medicine, about her research on C. albicans and some of the surprising implications that this work has for understanding the balances of bacteria and fungi in our guts.

Researchers from the School of Medicine and the School of Engineering are investigating ways to improve indoor air quality in multifamily housing built near major roadways and highways.

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