Tufts Anatomical Gift Program

Tufts University is an international leader in innovative medical education. Consistently ranked among the top in the nation, the School of Medicine is partnered with six major teaching hospitals and more than 30 health care facilities.

Study of the human body at Tufts University constitutes an invaluable and indispensable component of medical education and research. Each year, human remains are needed to teach medical and dental students, postgraduate physicians, and many other students and professionals within the health science fields.

While donors to anatomical gift programs are a diverse group, they do share one common attribute: all of them care about medical education and the skills that future doctors will bring to their patients. They care so much about these things that they choose to make the ultimate gift. So that others may learn, they entrust their bodies to the young men and women who will be the physicians and health care workers of tomorrow.

This is a gift not lightly given. It is received by student and professor alike with reverence, gratitude, admiration, and the determination to be worthy of such generosity and trust.

The Tufts Anatomical Gift Program is administered through the Department of Medical Education, Tufts University School of Medicine, Berri Jacque, PhD, Chair.