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Tufts University School of Medicine

Opportunities for Independent Projects

Students looking for opportunities outside of Tufts University School of Medicine sponsored programs may design their own projects for Summer Experience in Global Health (1st year MD), Public Health Field Experience (MD/MPH or DVM/MPH), Applied Learning Experience (MPH, MD/MPH, DVM/MPH, MS-HCOM), or Clinical Elective (4th year MD). Students wishing to work with an independent program will be held to high standards and must have a well thought out application. Requirements include:

  • Identify a Tufts School of Medicine faculty mentor
  • Have an agreement with a partner organization and a preceptor within that organization
  • Provide a detailed description of the partner organization and its experience working with students/capacity to provide support to students
  • Form a clear project proposal and plan for carrying out the project
  • Arrange all travel, housing, and project logistics
  • Projects must be a minimum of seven weeks long (four weeks for 4th year students)

Students working with independent programs are strongly encouraged to start the planning process as early as possible.  For more information, examples of organizations with which Tufts School of Medicine has informal relationships, or programs that Tufts School of Medicine students have worked with in the past, please contact:

MD students:

MPH students:


  • Public Health Field Experience: Anthony L. Schlaff, Director, MPH Program, Professor, Public Health & Community Medicine
  • Applied Learning Experience Libby Bradshaw, Director, MD/MPH and DVM/MPH Applied Learning Experience, Assistant Professor, Public Health & Community Medicine

Global Health Program Director & Staff

Joyce Sackey, MD
Dean for Multicultural Affairs and Global Health