MPH Dual Degrees

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4-year MD/MPH

The MD/MPH program equips graduates to become leaders in public health administration, policy and research, as well as superb clinicians.


Graduates of this dual degree take into account health's intersectionality and are able to succeed across governmental, research, international health, academic, and private industry sectors.


The combination of basic science with population health principles puts graduates in a unique position in the clinical and public health work forces.


The goal of this program is to blend the clinical skills learned in training to be a PA with a thorough understanding of public health concepts such as global health, epidemiology, community health needs, and health education.


This dual degree gives graduates knowledge of the law and a thorough understanding of the science that underpins public health principles. With this combination they can make their way through a variety of complex legal and health landscapes.


The MS-Nutrition/MPH dual degree provides the science of nutrition combined with training in public health.


With this joint degreed students earn their master's degreed in public health while completing their bachelor's degree.