MPH Student Research

MPH students have opportunities to pursue research while they are studying for their degree. Research can be conducted during the summer or during the academic year or at both times.

Students should contact individual faculty to explore possible research opportunities.

Our faculty have identified five different areas of strength and students should explore these when they are thinking about research opportunities. The links below will lead to faculty lists in each area.

jude al abosy

Research gives me a chance to not only explore my interests in food insecurity and the healthcare rights of incarcerated people but empowers me to make change. Since I began my MPH, I have had the opportunity to meet policy developers who are actively advocating for change and see how the disparities in access we analyze on paper are being transformed in real time.

Jude Al-Abosy

maha sheikh

As I begin my research on the relationship between medicine storage and adherence at Tufts, I am thrilled at the opportunity to directly work with participants while contributing to a greater body of knowledge. This experience allows me to develop skill sets in problem-solving, survey development and analysis, and communication. The opportunity to go beyond theory and have hands-on research experience is what drew me to pursue an MPH degree at Tufts.

Maha Sheikh