MBS Student Research

Students in the Masters in Biomedical Sciences must complete a thesis as part of the their degree requirements. The thesis involves conducting original research while enrolled in the program.

Research Options

Laboratory-Based Thesis

Students selecting this option can find information about potential mentors and their research interests in the MBS Thesis Guide.  Additional information about the research can also be found online. Students may also select a mentor that is not listed in the guide.

Students selecting this option will need to extend their experience into the second year as a minimum of six months of full time effort is required to complete a laboratory-based thesis.

Literature-Based Thesis

Students selecting this option choose a mentor and a topic that is agreed upon by both the student and the mentor. A list of faculty interested in mentoring a student for a literature-based thesis can be found in the MBS Thesis Guide along with information about possible topics. Generally, students choosing this option complete their work by the end of the summer after the first year in the program.