MD Student Stories

Carly Amon, M23, poses for a portrait

Carly Amon, M23/MPH23

"To me, working toward the master’s degree in public health has been a highlight of med school."
James Miller, M23, poses for a portrait outside the Med Ed building

James Miller, M23

"One thing I am most proud of is a skill I developed at Tufts: the ability to attempt new things even when I’m not sure that I can do them."
Francesca Yi, M23, poses for a portrait

Francesca Yi, M23

"I knew when I was applying to med school that Tufts would be my first choice. My time here has proven me right: it’s a place that’s filled with brilliant, kind people, and they’ve inspired me to try to become the best version of a doctor"
Abigail Lebovitz, Dr. Tamara Vesel, Steven Schwab and Avery Glover.

Student Researcher Spotlight

Abigail Lebovitz, M24 and Steven Schwab, M24, presented their research at the American Assembly of Hospice and Palliative Medicine