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Student Research

PhD student working in a lab

A medical education at Tufts University School of Medicine would not be complete without its vital research community. With its schools of biomedical sciences, nutrition, dental medicine and veterinary medicine, Tufts offers unparalleled opportunities for interdisciplinary cooperation in health sciences education and research.

The understanding and appreciation of medical research is considered an essential component of the curriculum. All students are strongly encouraged to obtain research experience. Numerous opportunities are available for students to join the research of faculty members in a variety of laboratories, clinics, and departments at Tufts School of Medicine and its affiliated hospitals, as well as programs at institutions across the United States.

A selection of short-term research opportunities is offered to students during the summer vacation period between years one and two. Summer research fellowships are available with stipends for a minimum of seven weeks of research. Students may also select research choices for elective blocks in clinical years. Students who are interested in long-term research opportunities may elect to interrupt the regular curriculum and join the Research Concentration Program (RCP). This program allows students to spend a tuition-free year engaged in a dedicated research project.

The School of Medicine confers the Doctor of Medicine degree with Research Honors to graduates who have devoted a substantial portion of their four years of medical school to scientific research and whose work has been a noteworthy contribution to that research effort. The award is intended for students who have made unusual achievements in research and whose activities as students could serve as a sound basis for further achievements in biomedical research.

The web pages of the Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences allow you to explore the research direction of various laboratories. Feel free to communicate directly with faculty to explore the availability of research opportunities and specific areas of investigation.

There are numerous opportunities for both short-term and long-term experiences in basic, clinical and public health research in a variety of laboratories, clinics, and departments at Tufts University School of Medicine and its primary teaching hospital, Tufts Medical Center. In addition, there are a variety of programs at institutions across the United States that provide students the valuable opportunity to participate in research.