Tufts Medical Alumni Association

Tufts Medical Alumni Association

All graduates of Tufts University School of Medicine are members of the Tufts Medical Alumni Association (TMAA).

Funds raised by TMAA are distributed to address various needs at Tufts University School of Medicine as decided by the Executive Council. In recent years, members have contributed more than $100,000 to various student and alumni activities, including significant support to student-run programs through the Community Service Learning Project, Student Council, and Global Health Programs that directly impact communities.

Executive Council

The Executive Council of the TMAA is the governing body of the association. The council is responsible for the management and allocation of membership funds as well as all aspects of involvement between students and alumni. The council consists of 50-60 alumni from classes from 1945 to 2017 including regional representation from across the country.

FY23-24 TMAA Executive Council

Louis A. Tramontozzi III, MD, M07

Vice President
Shiyoung Roh, MD, M93

Ameer T. Shah, MD, A07, M13

Mark E. Aranson, MD, M78, A01P, A03P
Robert H. Baevsky, MD, A82, M87, A15P, D19P
Vanessa A. Barss, MD, J74, M78
Heather R. Boxerman, MD, J92, M96, A21P
Joseph P. Bravoco, MD, M14
Ann M. Callahan, MD, M89 
Scott Cameron, MD, M05
Joshua M. Careskey, MD, M77, M13P, M13P, MG13P
Eric R. Cohen, MD, M86
William K. Collins III, MD, M10
Aristides I. Cruz, Jr., MD, MBA, A02, M06
Paul D. D'Ambrosio, MD, M88
Ronald A. DeLellis, MD, M66, J96P
Edward C. Dow, MD, M85
Ronald W. Dunlap, MD, M73, A06P
Kristen P. Eckler, MD, M94
Caitlin P. Fai, MD, M20, MG16
Alaina Geary, MD, M16
Rebecca D. Glassman, MD, M11
William H. Goodman, MD, M89
Sanjay Hegde, MD, M01
Taryn LeRoy, MD, M17
Kathleen M. Marc, MD, J73, M80
Louis A. Reines, MD, A01, M05
Karen L. Reuter Krolikowski, MD, M74
A. Alan Semine, MD, M78, A06P, M15P
Jessica Bennett Shah, MD, MPH, M10, MG10
Edward K. Silberman, MD, M74
Emily A. Singer, MD, M06
Laura K. Snydman, MD, M04
Ann J. Toran, MD, M92
Jack J. Tsai, MD, M06
Laurel N. Vuong, MD, M08
Marie T. Walsh Condon, MD, M07
Jared R. Wortzman, MD, M16, MG12
Steven Young, MD, M17

Regional Members
Richard A. Binder, MD, M64, A87P
Joseph E. Bornstein, MD, E05, M09
Wilma Chan, MD, A03, M10
William F. Deegan III, MD, A83, M88, A22P
Mark L. Fallick, MD, M91
David A. Fisher, MD, M63
Charles N. Glassman, MD, M73, A09P, M11P
Roheen P. Raithatha, MD, M07
James W. Reed Jr., MD, M84
Richard A. Reines, MD, PA, A71, M76, A01P, A04P, M05P
David P. Sachs, MD, A81, M85
Pearl G. Wu, MD, M92

Recent Past Presidents
Brendan E. McCarthy, MD, M97
Tejas S. Mehta, MD, MPH, M92, A19P
Carole E. Allen, MD, MBA, M71
Thomas R. Hedges III, MD, M75
Laurence S. Bailen, MD, M93
David S. Rosenthal, MD, M63, J87P, AG88P
David Gam Wong, MD, M87
Betsy Busch, MD, M75
Robert D. Kennison, MD, M60
Bruce M. Pastor, MD, M68, J95P
Salvatore A. DeLuca, MD, M58
Barbara A. Rockett, MD, M57, M90P, M93P, J96P
Philip E. McCarthy, MD, M59, M97P, M97P

Contributing Members

Thank you to those alumni who have renewed their membership.

To become a contributing alumni association member, please make your check for $150 ($30: M14-M18/$75: M09-M13) payable to “Trustees of Tufts College” and send to:

Tufts Medical Alumni Association
136 Harrison Avenue
Boston, MA 02111

Renew your membership online.

**Please be sure to designate your gift to the School of Medicine ("Medical") and select the "Alumni Association" under "Select an area."**

Annual Meeting

Each year TMAA holds its annual meeting during Reunion. All alumni are welcome to attend the meeting and, if interested, may attend selected parts of Reunion. For more information about the Annual Meeting or Reunion, please contact the Office of Alumni Relations at 617-636-6770 or medicine-alumni@tufts.edu.

Your Membership in Action

Thanks to the generous donations and continuous support from alumni, the TMAA is able to support programs and initiatives that directly impact the student experience.

The TMAA Executive Council is proud to announce that, with your contributions, we were able to do something unique for our students. Through a donation to the Student Council, numerous exciting, life-changing trips were taken by our students. Students traveled around the world to do what Tufts is known for -- compassionate care, active citizenship, and global health initiatives. These amazing trips did wonderful things for people all over the world and gave our students invaluable experience caring for underserved populations.