The dual degree through Tufts and Boston College Law School or Northeastern University School of Law can be completed in three and a half years, rather than the average four and a half to five years if the degrees were to be obtained separately. A carefully sequenced curriculum allows some MPH and law school courses to count for credit in both programs.

Courses & Concentration

Students must complete courses addressing the MPH core knowledge requirements, one research methods course, one course on health care budgeting and management and the Applied Practice Experience (APE) and the Integrative Learning Experience (ILE). The APE and ILE require students to synthesize knowledge acquired in coursework and apply it to a public health project of their own design along with a capstone project.

Students enrolled in the JD/MPH program can choose from two concentrations, Health Services Management & Policy or Individualized.

The JD/MPH dual degree program also accepts applications during a student’s first or second year of law school and from students transferring to the law school. Admission into either school does not guarantee admission into the other program.

For program information, contact JD/MPH leader at marcia.boumil@tufts.edu.

J/D MPH - Boston College

View more information specific to the program with Boston College Law School.

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JD/MPH - Northeastern University

View more information specific to the program with Northeastern University School of Law.

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Career Opportunities with a JD/MPH

Students graduating from the dual degree program take jobs in government, health care organizations, health care advocacy centers, private law practices, state departments of public health, and a whole host of organizations which value their public health skills in additional to their legal training.

Application & Fee

Final Deadline: March 15

Deposit: None

We offer two different ways to apply to the JD/MPH.

Apply to law school and the MPH at the same time

  • Simultaneous application to Tufts and Northeastern: Complete an online application to Tufts and a separate online application to Boston College or Northeastern. Upon acceptance to law school, the law school will forward the necessary materials to Tufts to complete the MPH application.
  • After you have submitted your application, Graduate Programs Admissions will hold your application until we are notified by BCLS or NUSL that you have been admitted to their JD program. Your application will not be reviewed by the Public Health Admissions Committee until after you have been admitted to NUSL/BCLS.

Apply the MPH while enrolled in law school.

  • If you are already enrolled at BCLS or NUSL, you are able to apply to the JD/MPH dual-degree track during your first or second year of law school, or upon transfer to BCLS or NUSL.
  • You must obtain the approval of BCLS or NUSL to apply to the JD/MPH program. Admission to law school does not guarantee admission to the MPH program.

View the Application

Please choose the "MPH Dual Degrees". In the "Program Choice" menu of the application, select either BCLS or NUSL.

Personal Statement

Your personal statement is intended to give you the opportunity to submit a narrative describing your past education, experience, and current professional career objectives. Your statement should describe your:

  • Reasons for interest in public health
  • Reasons for interest in the Public Health programs at Tufts University
  • Career goals

BCSL or NUSL Admissions Materials

Northeastern University or Boston College will need to send the following information from your law school application to Graduate Programs Admissions:

  • Letters of recommendation
  • Transcripts
  • LSAT Test Scores

If you are concurrently applying to Northeastern University or Boston College, you will need to request that their Admissions Office will send these documents to Graduate Programs Admissions once you have been admitted to the JD program.

If you are a current JD student at Northeastern University or Boston College, you need to request the release of your admissions records through the Northeastern Office of Academic Affairs or Boston College Admissions Office. At the same time, you will need to request that your current law school transcript also be included in the packet of materials sent to Graduate Programs Admissions, whether or not grades are posted.

All supporting application credentials noted above should be sent to:

Tufts University School of Medicine
Graduate Programs
Attn: Director of Admissions
136 Harrison Avenue, Suite 142
Boston, MA 02111

or emailed to tusmgp.admissions@tufts.edu.

Tuition Costs for the JD/MPH Degree

The following tuition rates are for 2024–2025 academic year* and apply to students enrolled in the JD/MPH dual degree program starting in Fall 2024. Students enrolled in the JD/MPH dual degree programs will be billed by the Public Health programs at Tufts for two semesters total at the tuition rate listed below.

  • Tuition: $29,406 per semester
  • Fees: $658 per semester

The current academic year's cost of attendance budget (including not only tuition, but room and board, health insurance, books, etc.) is available from the Office of Financial Aid.

*These rates are subject to approval. Tuition rates and fees are effective as of July 2024. Note that program cost is set each academic year (June to May) and typically increases a small amount from year-to-year. The Trustees of Tufts University reserve the right to change tuition rates or fees at their discretion.