Global Health Overview

Two med students observe a Haitian physican as he treats a recovering earthquake victim in the tent

Tufts University School of Medicine (TUSM) views global health education as an important component of its educational mission. Tufts graduates and faculty are engaged in collaborations in research, education, and training with colleagues in several countries around the world and serve as advisors and mentors for students planning global health experiences. Participation in field experiences is a key component of our approach to global health education. Together with our international partners, we prepare our graduates to be part of a growing number of health professionals equipped with the skills needed for clinical, research, and public health careers with an increasing global health dimension.

All students are invited to apply for a global health program during their time at TUSM. Opportunities for short-term programs are available to MD and MD/MPH students during the summer period between years one and two, to fourth-year MD students who would like to complete a clinical elective abroad, and to MPH students engaged in their Applied Practice Experience (APE) or Integrated Learning Experience (ILE). For MPH students or MD students who want to conduct research or project-based work in a global setting, please keep in mind that such engagements require at least a few months of advanced planning and discussions with in-country colleagues and mentors to ensure that your work aligns with needs in these settings in a manner that may benefit local service delivery or populations.

Locations include:

  • Vellore, India
  • Panama City, Panama
  • Accra, Ghana
  • Opportunities for independent projects in other sites will also be considered.

To help students offset the cost of international travel associated with a global health experience, we offer partial funding opportunities through the TUSM Global Health Travel Grant. However, these grants are not intended to cover the entire cost of the global health experience. Students may also apply for other Tufts grants; however, those who accept other Tufts grants are not eligible to receive the TUSM Global Health Travel grant in addition.

Tufts Commitment to Global Health

TUSM views global health education as an important component of its educational mission. This is in recognition of the need to equip health professionals of the 21st century with the knowledge and skills requisite for engagement in clinical, research and public health careers with an increasing global health dimension.

In addition to formal instruction in the public health programs, TUSM also offers opportunities for students to gain exposure to global and public health in international settings. MD/MPH, DVM/MPH, or MPH students may elect to complete their required Applied Practice Experience (APE) or Integrated Learning Experience (ILE) at one of our international sites. In addition, all students (whether or not they are pursuing a formal degree in public health) may elect to participate in a global health experience during their tenure at TUSM. Students may choose among a number of established or  independent global health sites.

All global health experiences supported by a TUSM travel grant are required to meet the following criteria:

  1. The proposed experience is in a resource-challenged setting or addresses the needs of disadvantaged populations.
  2. There is an opportunity for cultural immersion.
  3. There is exposure to a healthcare system different from the U.S.
  4. There is an opportunity to learn about healthcare disparities and innovative solutions.