Public Health & Community Medicine

About Us

The Department of Public Health & Community Medicine is distinguished by a strong faculty with a broad multidisciplinary approach to public health and clinical issues. It is devoted to the promotion of public health through education, research, population-based and patient-centered advocacy, shaping health policy, and community service.


The faculty work in five broadly defined research areas. Much of the research is translational, from bench to bedside, and more often bench to community and to policy. The research groups have extensive collaborations across Tufts, Boston, the United States, and globally. There are also collaborations with community-based organizations, state and local health departments, and with industry.


Our goal in teaching students is to provide them with the skills, knowledge, and perspectives needed to understand the essential links between the social, physical, and economic environments and the health of individual patients and their families.

The Department of Public Health and Community Medicine is home to three different graduate programs.


Beyond the walls of the university, we support any service activity that has as its goal direct and measurable health benefit to a defined community, or to a government or non-profit organization whose mission includes service to a defined community. Learn more about our services using the links below.