TUSM/UMass Boston Enrichment Program

Each January, approximately twenty-four UMass Boston (UMB) pre-medical and pre-research students spend three weeks at TUSM as part of an enrichment program designed to introduce future doctors and scholars to the kind of teamwork inherent in medical problem-solving. Students participate in seminars, gain valuable experience, and build connections that will foster their development as graduate-level researchers and clinicians.

The goals of the program are to:

  • Provide research and clinical exposure;
  • Provide an opportunity to establish mentoring relationships with TUSM faculty and graduate and professional students;
  • Provide mentoring and advice on how to strengthen candidacy for applying to graduate and professional degree programs;
  • Increase awareness of ways to finance graduate education;
  • Create a forum for students to learn to examine complex health challenges and potential solutions from a multidisciplinary, inter-professional perspective;
  • Introduce students to team-based learning in a simulated setting;
  • Learn about career options in medicine, public health, basic sciences, and more.

The program will offer two slightly different schedules for students with different interests: one for those interested in clinical and health careers and one for students interested in a basic science research experience that could potentially serve as preparation towards a PhD degree. 

Who should apply to the program?
Students in their sophomore or junior year

What are the course requirements?

  • One year intro biology
  • One year intro chemistry
  • One course of calculus
  • One semester of organic chemistry
  • Other courses as determined by UMB

How do I apply?
To apply, complete the online application.

When is the application deadline?
November 1, 2017

What are the dates of the program?
January 2-19, 2018

Along with the application, what other important paperwork should be submitted?

  • Two letters of recommendation from faculty
  • Personal essay (this will be a very important component of the application)  
  • Immunization record and transcript (GPA minimum of 3.2)

Who do I contact for more information?

Application Submission Process:
Ariella Green, Program Coordinator
Dean's Office Tufts University School of Medicine
Office: (617) 636-2469

Academic Eligibility:  
Felecia Edwards, Associate Director, Student Success Center;
College of  Science and Mathematics
Office: 617-287-5851 

Post Selection Process:
Marlene Jreaswec, Program Administrator
TUSM, Office for Multicultural Affairs
Office: (617) 636-0992