IDEAs Award

In recognition of the importance of diversity education at Tufts, Deans Joyce Sackey, MD and Harris Berman, MD, instituted the Innovations in Diversity Education Awards (IDEAS) program. Designed to support undergraduate, medical, resident, or public health education, this intramural grant program helps faculty members pursuing scholarly and innovative work in the areas of workforce diversity, health care disparity and/or promoting cultural competency among students and trainees.

The specific objectives of this program are to stimulate faculty to:

  • Pursue scholarly and innovative approaches to equipping students and trainees with the knowledge, attitude and skills they need to provide care to and promote health among diverse populations and communities
  • Contribute to finding solutions to address challenges relating to workforce diversity
  • Help promote evidence-based approaches to addressing health care disparities

Proposals may focus on innovations in curriculum development, monitoring and evaluation; implementation of interventions aimed at addressing knowledge, attitude and skills in cross-cultural medicine; or enhancing workforce diversity and student development. While proposals may address issues at either undergraduate or graduate level of medical or biomedical education, priority will be given to those with the greatest potential both to meet the most pressing needs and to have the maximum impact on TUSM’s educational programs.

All current TUSM faculty, including those based at Sackler and affiliated hospitals, are eligible. Junior faculty and faculty seeking promotion are strongly encouraged to apply.

Application Process and Award Announcement
Applicants must submit a letter of intent by November 17, 2017 and the full application by January 8, 2018. Please refer to the document Guidelines and Requirements for Submission for full application instructions.

Awards will be announced by the end of March for the funding period to begin July 1, 2018.

The total grant pool is $30,000 per year. Grants of up to $10,000 per proposal will be awarded for a 12 to 18-month period. Funds will be dispersed semi-annually, beginning July 1 with each installment contingent upon appropriate progress according to the proposal’s time line. Awardees are expected to submit quarterly reports outlining the progress of their project. The final installment will be dispersed upon submission and acceptance of the final project report.

Review Criteria
Proposals will be reviewed by a Selection Committee consisting of faculty and administrators from TUSM, including the Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences and representatives from the affiliated hospitals. Proposals will be assessed by the Selection Committee based on the criteria below:

  • Clarity of goals and statement of need
  • Degree of innovation in content, instruction, or evaluation
  • Adequacy of evaluation methods for assessing outcomes and impact
  • Feasibility of proposed development and implementation timeline
  • Appropriateness of budget allocations
  • Sustainability after grant period
  • Extent of impact on TUSM’s constituencies, curriculum, and mission
  • Potential for outside funding

The Dean of the School of Medicine will approve final grant recipients.

Grant Administration
The program will be administratively managed by the Medical Dean’s Office under the direction of the Dean for Multicultural Affairs and Global Health.

For more information, please contact:
Medical Dean’s Office
Tufts University School of Medicine
145 Harrison Avenue
Boston, MA 02111
Attention: IDEAS Awards