Parking Information


Parking Office
274 Tremont Street Garage, 1st Floor
(617) 636-5580
Monday – Thursday 7:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M.
Fridays – 7:00 A.M. – 4:00 P.M.

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Parking for Tufts University Students

Parking spaces are available for all Tufts students at the Herald Street Garage and the Traveler’s Lot. Parking stickers are required to be used in the Tufts Medical Center parking facilities. They are available at no charge upon presentation of your student I.D. and car registration to the Parking Office.

Please Note: Students are issued only one DECAL per school year.

Rate: Monday – Friday – $5.25 per day payable by coupon only. Cash will not be accepted. Checks must be in-state.

Coupons: Coupons are available for purchase in the Parking Office, 274 Tremont Street and at the Bursar’s Office, 200 Harrison Avenue for $26.25 per book containing 5 coupons (limit 5 books at a time).

Weekends: All students may park in the Tremont Street Garage for $7.75 (payable with cash or card) or for one student coupon per weekend day. Each coupon is good for one exit up to 24 hours.

Parking Regulations for Tufts University Students

Parking is permitted only with a currently valid Tufts Medical Center parking sticker. Vehicle registration to prove ownership and Tufts identification card must both be presented to the Parking Office in order to obtain a sticker for one car per school year. No in and out parking is allowed on the same parking ticket. If you do have occasion to leave the garage, a new ticket must be used on re-entry. Parking stickers are not transferable. Anyone who uses a lost, stolen or fraudulent sticker will be subject to loss of parking privileges. Questions regarding parking should be directed to the Parking Office, (617) 636-5580.

Parking in Boston

Parking around TUSM is forbidden or limited by one-hour meters, and meter maids are very conscientious. There is no legal parking in one spot for longer than two hours anywhere in Boston. Unpaid tickets are listed in computer files, and cars with Massachusetts or out-of-state registration have been towed or rendered immobile with the “Denver Boot.”


Motorcycles can be left in the parking garage at 274 Tremont Street for $7.75 per day. You must have your registration and student I.D. to get a parking card from the level garage. If your motorcycle is registered out-of-state you must file with the Campus Police just as out-of-state car owners must file. Out-of-state owners need not register before obtaining cards.


Bicycles can be left in a locked room at the Parking Garage at 274 Tremont Street. You pay a $3.00 cash only deposit and receive a key for the bicycle room. There is no long term storage.