Mission and Values

Mission Statement

The Mission of Tufts University School of Medicine is to educate a diverse body of students and advance medical knowledge in a dynamic and collaborative environment. We seek to foster the development of dedicated clinicians, scientists, public health professionals, and educators who will have a sustained positive impact on the health of individuals, communities, and the world.

Values Statements

To achieve the goals of our mission statement, our faculty, students and staff will demonstrate our commitment to the following core values in all that we do:

Commitment to Excellence: To cultivate a perpetual spirit of inquiry and creativity, leading to outstanding evidence-based health care, rigorous research and scholarship, and inspired teaching.

Commitment to Humanism: To relieve suffering and improve quality of life. To treat all people with compassion, respecting human dignity and autonomy.

Commitment to Social Responsibility: To serve and advocate for all people, especially underserved and vulnerable patients and populations, by addressing social determinants of health, health equity, social justice, and stewardship of social resources.

Commitment to Professionalism: To act in accordance with the highest standards of integrity, demonstrating personal accountability and resilience, collegiality and teamwork, and the pursuit of life long learning.

Mission and Values Statement of the Tufts University School of Medicine
(Approved by the faculty, March 2017)