Mission and Values

Vision Statement

To train, in a spirit of collegiality and with a standard of excellence, outstanding clinicians and innovative and humane leaders in medicine and science. 

Mission Statement

The mission of Tufts University School of Medicine is to promote human health. We will fulfill our mission by emphasizing rigorous fundamentals while stimulating innovation as we: educate, in a dynamic learning environment, physicians, scientists, and public health professionals to become leaders in their fields; contribute to the advancement of the sciences basic to medicine through discovery, research, scholarship, and communication, and join with our partner institutions to provide the best care to individuals and communities.


  • Excellence: to be outstanding at what we choose to do
  • Integrity: to be honest and consistent in our actions
  • Collaboration: to work together within and across organizational boundaries in pursuit of our common mission
  • Compassion: to treat all human beings with respect and empathy
  • Leadership: to educate physicians, researchers and public health professionals who emulate our faculty in becoming leaders in their fields
  • Creativity: to emphasize rigorous fundamentals while stimulating innovation
  • Diversity: to live, work and serve in a diverse local, national, and global community
  • Life-long learning: to engender a love of learning and provide the skills for life-long learning