For information about the Medical College Admissions Test (MCAT), or to register for the exam, visit the MCAT Web site. The average MCAT scores of the current entering class are listed on the Class Profile page.

TUSM Requirements

MCAT scores are required of all applicants to TUSM. TUSM currently accepts scores that have been taken within the five (5) calendar years preceding enrollment (i.e., taken after August 1, 2013 for the class matriculating in August 2018). Scores from exams taken by September 2017 are eligible to complete an application in the current cycle. MCAT scores from exams taken after September 2017 are too late to be used to complete an application for the class applying in the 2017-2018 application cycle. 

Please Note: Beginning in the 2018-2019 Application Year, TUSM will only accept new MCAT format exam scores that have been taken within the four (4) calendar years preceding enrollment (i.e., taken after August 1, 2015 for the class matriculating in August 2019).  

Multiple MCAT Scores

Many applicants to TUSM apply with more than one set of MCAT scores. Our policy is to consider all MCAT scores (taken within the approved time period preceding enrollment) and note the highest MCAT total.

Late MCAT Scores

Applicants often inquire whether a later MCAT scores (summer or fall) will delay the completion and consideration of their applications and decrease their likelihood of an invitation to interview or an offer of admission. Because TUSM (as well as most other medical schools) operates on a rolling admissions basis, there is an advantage to having a complete application early in the admission cycle, including the submission of your MCAT scores.

Although you are encouraged to submit MCAT scores as early as possible, our interview calendar extends from September until the end of March. This schedule permits interview slots in the winter and spring, providing opportunities to see selected applicants with later scores.