Admissions Timeline

 June – November TUSM receives applications from AMCAS 
 July – January
 TUSM receives secondary applications and letters of recommendation
 July – March
 Completed applications are reviewed
 August 1  Deadline to complete Early Decision AMCAS application
 August – March
 TUSM sends invitations to interview
 September 1
 Deadline to complete Early Decision TUSM Secondary Application
 September – March  TUSM interview season
 October 1
 TUSM notifies Early Decision applicants of application outcome
 October – April
 TUSM Admissions Committee admits selected applicants
 October – March
 Applicants no longer being considered for admission receive letter of regret
 November 1  Deadline to complete regular AMCAS application
 January 15
 Deadline to complete regular TUSM Secondary Application
 March 31
 All applicants have received either an invitation to interview or a letter of regret
 April 30
 Tuition deposit refund deadline
 May – August  TUSM admits selected applicants from Wait List
 Early August
 Orientation for the Entering Class