Early Assurance Program

The Prehealth Advisor at participating schools will email application instructions no later than December of each year.  The application deadline is February 1.

The TUSM Admissions Committee reviews the applications submitted by interested candidates and invites selected candidates to visit the medical school for an interview. Interviews are usually conducted in April. The Admissions Committee requests selected candidates to forward transcripts to the committee after the spring term grades have been posted. After reviewing transcripts, the committee admits candidates to the program.

Candidates admitted to the program continue their studies at their undergraduate school for the duration of their current academic programs.

During this time, they are required to complete any medical school coursework prerequisites not yet taken (such as a remaining semester of chemistry or a semester of physics) by the end of their junior year (see FAQ tab for exceptions). Competency prerequisites can be completed any time prior to graduation.

Also during this time, applicants are required to maintain the following academic standards: a Science GPA and a Total GPA of 3.5 or above; a grade of B+ or greater in courses in Biology, Chemistry, and Physics, including labs; and a grade of B or above in all other courses. Applicants must meet these standards for assured admission to TUSM. Applicants who do not entirely meet these academic standards are not assured admission to TUSM, but may be admitted at the discretion of the Admissions Committee.

In the summer or fall of their senior year (summer or fall of 2018 to matriculate in August 2019), candidates apply to TUSM via an AMCAS special program application that precludes applying to other medical schools.

If these requirements are met, admission to TUSM is assured.

All offers of admission to TUSM, both via the Early Assurance Program and via the regular admissions process, are contingent upon the following:

  • Your compliance with a high standard of ethical conduct and integrity, both before and after your admission to TUSM (see details below)

As a prospective medical student you are embarking on a professional career which requires a high standard of ethical conduct and integrity.  It is expected that students admitted to Tufts University School of Medicine will make a personal commitment to abide by a standard of behavior that will establish a firm foundation for future professional conduct. This requires avoidance of any form of intellectual dishonesty as well as the demonstration of respect for the rights and well being of others.  Prospective Tufts students are expected to be responsible citizens of their own community as well as the greater community. They are expected to comply with all university policies, local ordinances, and state and federal laws. Failure to uphold these requirements prior to enrollment at Tufts University School of Medicine may result in the rescinding of an Offer of Admission.

Students entering into TUSM via the Early Assurance Program will not be required to sit for the MCAT examination prior to matriculation.