Molecular Biology and Microbiology

micro-streaking a plate

Our department serves the Schools of Medicine and Dental Medicine and participates in the Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences.

Members of the department are actively engaged in research on fundamental and medically related problems in microbiology and molecular genetics. They include the genetics and biochemistry of bacterial and fungal pathogens and their interaction with host cells, the mode of action of antibiotics and drug resistance, the intracellular organization of bacteria, mechanisms of transcriptional regulation, mechanisms of virus entry, gene expression, replication and assembly.

The teaching program of our department acquaints medical, dental and Masters in Biomedical Science students with the concepts of basic and molecular microbiology and mechanisms of host-parasite interactions. Our courses are offered during the first and second years of the medical and dental curricula.

Our faculty members also participate in Sackler School-based interdepartmental graduate programs in Molecular Microbiology, Cell, Molecular & Developmental Biology, Genetics, and Immunology. These programs train students for the PhD and the combined MD-PhD, and DVM-PhD degrees. Advanced courses offered by these programs are available to qualified graduate, medical, and dental students.

Opportunities to pursue research projects with faculty mentors during the school year or during the summer are open to medical, dental and undergraduate students from Tufts and other universities.

Our department is located at the School of Medicine on the Health Sciences Campus of Tufts University.

Molecular Microbiology PhD


Our department is the administrative home of the Molecular Microbiology PhD Program of the Sackler School

Media Kitchen


Our media kitchen serves microbiologists across our campus.

Translational Research

Exterior photo of Tufts Medical Center

Located on the Tufts Health Science Campus, our faculty collaborate with researchers at Tufts Medical Center.