Information Mastery at TUSM

Longitudinal Curriculum

Information Mastery is one of nine key themes that run through all four years of the medical curriculum. In this way, the concepts and practices of information mastery and evidence-based medicine are incorporated in both didactics and on clerkships.

  • Year 1: Evidence-based medicine course (See TUSK)
  • Year 2: CAP (Competency-based Apprenticeship in Primary care)
  • Year 3: Information Mastery Workshop and Information Mastery presentations during the Family Medicine Clerkship
  • Year 4: Family Medicine Exploration Elective
  • Tufts University Family Medicine Residency at Cambridge Health Alliance: A three-year curriculum continues information mastery with practical experience in using information at the point of care.

Mobile MediCards

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Center for Information Mastery

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incorporating the principles of evidence-based medicine in day-to-day patient care