Longitudinal FM Curriculum

Year One

  • Medical Interviewing and the Doctor-Patient Relationship
    FM Faculty: Wayne Altman, Amy Lee, Deborah Erlich, Randi Sokol, Clinton Pong
  • Evidence-Based Medicine
    Allen Shaughnessy, Deborah Erlich, Sarah Rosenberg-Scott
  • CAP (Competency-based Apprenticeship in Primary care)
    Wayne Altman, Clinton Pong, Sarah Rosenberg-Scott
  • Scientific Foundations of Social and Behavioral Medicine
    Richard Glickman-Simon, Deb Rothenberg, Amy Lee

Year Two

  • Summer Externship
    Wayne Altman, Amy Lee, Sarah Rosenberg-Scott
  • CAP (Competency-based Apprenticeship in Primary care)
    Sarah Rosenberg-Scott, Wayne Altman

Year Three

  • 3rd Year Orientation
    Deborah Erlich
  • Family Medicine Clerkship
    Family Medicine Didactic Faculty, Randy Wertheimer, Wayne Altman, Dara Arons, Lucy Berrington, Warren Bodine, Libby Bradshaw, Miguel Concepcion, Susan Connors, Deborah Erlich, Richard Glickman-Simon, Kelly Holland, Sonya Hovespian, Poul LaPlante, Amy Lee, Miguel Martinez, Honor MacNaughton, Sarah Rosenberg-Scott, Glenn Rothfeld, Inna Ryvkin, Greg Sawin, Allen Shaughnessy, Andy Smith, Clinton Pong, Stephanie Power, Rachel Woodruff
  • Clinical Skills Inter-Clerkship
    Wayne Altman, Stephanie Silverman, Richard Glickman-Simon, Libby Bradshaw, Miguel Martinez, Poul LaPlante, Kiame Mahaniah
  • OSCE
    Deborah Erlich
  • OB Elective
    Kathe Miller, Keith Nokes
  • Geriatrics Elective
    George Maxted
  • Sports Medicine Elective
    Warren Bodine, Jessica Knap

Year Four

  • Family Medicine Sub-Internship
    Jessica Early, Keith Nokes
  • Spanish Immersion Elective
    Keith Nokes
  • Family Medicine Exploration Elective
    Clinton Pong

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