Health Communication

Communication is central to public health practice. Research in health communication is, by necessity, a multidisciplinary undertaking, blending methods and theoretical approaches from the fields of communication, public health, education, psychology, and technology, among others.  Our goal is to develop principles and best practices for reaching different audiences to share health-related information that will inform, motivate and empower.

Our health communication projects use both qualitative and quantitative methods, and we engage in research, interventions, and advocacy. Recent projects include: a school-based healthy eating campaign, a website for Latino caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients, development of national guidelines for injury prevention among youth on farms, an examination of doctor patient conversations about risky sexual practices, and an analysis of internet health information seekers.

Joint Degrees

Our Combined MD Programs provide students with the training and credentials that qualify them to fill unique and often influential roles within medicine.

Clinical Affiliates

Photo of Bay State Medical Center

Our outstanding and diverse group of affiliated clinical teaching sites provide our medical students with exceptional opportunities to gain experience and conduct research.