Years 3 and 4

Core Clerkships and Basic Electives

During the Core Clerkships students focus on developing their clinical skills and learn to take responsibility for patient care under close preceptor supervision at a number of affiliated sites representing a wide variety of clinical settings. The Core Clerkships start during the last block of the second year and consist of eight weeks each of medicine and surgery and six weeks each of family medicine, obstetrics-gynecology, pediatrics,  psychiatry. An additional eight weeks of Basic Electives allow for career exploration and, based on the student’s interest, more advanced work in a variety of disciplines.

The medical school believes that all students should have experiences in a variety of teaching settings.  Students should expect to participate in rotations that are located outside of Boston, including some at the Baystate Medical Center in Springfield, Massachusetts (the western campus of TUSM), and Maine Medical Center in Portland, Maine. View a list of Third-Year core teaching sites.

Advanced Electives

Advanced Electives begin during the last block of third year and extend throughout fourth year. These experiences expand the basic clinical knowledge and skills acquired in the first three years, enabling the student to manage clinical problems with the degree of independence required of the first-year postgraduate level of medical training.  The specific program is based on the individual student’s career plans and needs, and is chosen by the student with faculty advice and is subject to the approval of the Dean for Students.  Each fourth-year student is required to take a minimum of nine 4-week rotations. Five of these nine rotations must be taken at TUSM-affiliated sites. Of these five rotations, the following requirements must be met: two must be Acting Internships; one must be a clinical neuroscience experience; and one must be in medicine. A large selection of electives, including many nationally and abroad, allows fourth-year students to explore areas of interest and to round out their personalized educational program.