Maine Track MD Program

In partnership with Maine Medical Center (MMC) in Portland Maine, TUSM offers a Maine Track for applicants who are interested in a unique, innovative curriculum that offers clinical training experiences in Maine and exposes medical students to the unique aspects of rural practice as well as training in a major tertiary medical center.

The majority of students complete an innovative nine-month Longitudinal Integrated Clerkship (LIC) during third year. Based in many rural sites and in Portland, the LIC provides a strong educational approach and allows for excellent career exploration and close faculty mentoring. Students are assigned to third year options based on a lottery where student choices are taken into consideration regarding participation in the rural LIC, the Portland-based urban LIC or the traditional block clerkship.

Both Tufts and MMC have committed to aggressively pursuing support that will allow Maine Track students to attend medical school without an unusual financial hardship. Plans are to seek grant support, philanthropy, and state funding to subsidize tuition for the Maine Track students with the goal of reducing the tuition to a level comparable to in-state tuition at a regional medical school within a public university.


Students participating in the Maine Track will spend their first two years primarily on the Boston Campus, with some specific curriculum components done in Maine, and then move to Maine for the entire clerkship period in year three and portions of the monthly rotations in year four.


Admission to the Maine Track is jointly selected by committees representing both TUSM and MMC. Legal residents of the state of Maine are given preference. Other applicants with strong ties to Maine and those with an interest in the practice of rural medicine are encouraged to apply. Graduates of the program will receive a combined diploma from TUSM and MMC with the expectation that a significant number of graduates from the Maine Track will establish medical practice in Maine. Visit the Maine Track Admissions page for additional information on how to apply.

Early Assurance Program:

We offer a Maine Track Early Assurance Program for eligible students at participating institutions. The institutions currently in this program are: Bates College, Bowdoin College, Colby College and University of Maine (all campuses). This early assurance program offers successful applicants acceptance into the Maine Track of TUSM at the end of their sophomore year. As long as accepted applicants continue to fulfill all eligibility requirements, they will be guaranteed a seat in the entering medical school class two years later. Read more about the Early Assurance Program.

Maine Track Tuition Support

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Tufts University School of Medicine and Maine Medical Center have announced that students who are scheduled to matriculate into the Maine Track may be considered for a $25,000.00 scholarship. Up to twenty students in each entering class may receive this scholarship based on criteria established by a Maine-based scholarship committee. These funds may be renewable for subsequent years.

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