Medical Education Research Program

Program Goals

  • Assist faculty with the design, implementation, analysis and dissemination of educational research projects.
  • Guide faculty through the IRB process.
  • Inform faculty about intramural and extramural grant opportunities.
  • Support faculty through the grant submission process.
  • Promote local, national and international dissemination of faculty educational research projects.
  • Enhance faculty scholarly teaching and educational scholarship.
  • Create a supportive faculty forum to discuss and exchange educational research projects.

Program Venues

  • Individual consultations to address faculty specific research needs
  • Educational research faculty forums (for example, Educational Research Projects Brown Bag Lunch)
  • Individual consultations on innovation grant proposals
  • Individual consultations with librarians
  • Assistance with early interventions of curricular changes
  • Assistance with the implementation, assessment and sustainability of innovation grants
  • Individual assistance with poster design
  • Individual assistance with IRB process
  • Mary Y. Lee Medical Education Day
  • OEA Online Teaching and Educational Research Resources
  • Educational Research Workshops
    • Formulating Educational Research Questions: What do you want to know?
    • Educational Databases
    • Educational Research Design:Quantitative/Qualitative and Mixed-methods Design
    • Qualitative Research Analysis:Overview of Qualitative Analytic Strategies
    • Educational Research Program Evaluation
    • Survey development
    • Writing Letters of Intention and Grant Proposals
    • Preparing a Manuscript for a Medical Education Research Publication

For more information contact Amanda Oriel at or 617-636-0891.