Behavior Core Services

Behavioral Functions, Neuropsychiatric Disorders
 Behavioral Assays
Learning, Memory, and Cognition

Emotional memory

  • Fear conditioning (contextual or cue-associated modalities)

 Spatial memory

  • Barnes maze
  • Morris water maze
  • Radial arm maze
  • Spontaneous alteration (T maze) - "working memory"
  • Novel object recognition

Motor Activity (baseline levels or drug-abused effects)

Locomotor activity

  • Home cage (photobeam breaks)
  • Open-field arena (photobeam breaks)

Motor coordination and balance

  • Rotarod test


Reactivity to painful stimulation

  • Tailflick test (spinal reflex)
  • Hot plate test (supraspinal pain reflex)


Anxiety-like behavior

  • Elevated plus maze (automated)
  • Open-field activity (photobeam breaks)
  • Light/dark box (automated)
  • Startle response (acoustic stimulus)

Mood Disorders

 Depressive-like behavior

  • Porsolt forced swim test
  • Tail suspension test
  • Sucrose/saccharin preference

 Prepulse Inhibition

  • Acoustic startle response
 Social Behavior

 Interactive behavior

  • Social interaction test
  • Three-chamber test

 Drug Addiction

Conditioned reward

  • Conditioned place preference

Alcohol self-administration

  • Preference (bottle-choice)
  • Drinking in the dark

Locomotor activity

  • Psychostimulant effect vs. depressant effects
  • Tolerance and sensitization of psychomotor activity

Circadian rhythm

  • Phase controlled wheel running

Indirect Calorimetry

  • Energy expenditure (respirometry)
  • Food intake
  • Locomotor activity
 Epilepsy  EEG Recording

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