Computational Genomics Core

The Computational Genomics Core provides neuroscientists and other Tufts investigators with resources for gene expression and genomics studies. We provide equipment for gene expression analysis and expertise for NextGen sequencing projects. In addition, there are university-wide bioinformatics resources available on the Tufts Bioinformatics Server.


  • Nucleic acid analysis
  • Real-time PCR
  • Genomics and bioinformatics consultations
  • Downstream analysis of next generation (RNA-seq) sequencing projects


The core provides instruments for gene expression studies in Stearns 207. Equipment includes:

  • Nanodrop instrument
  • Agilent Bioanalyzer
  • two Q-PCR instruments (Stratagene real-time cyclers)

Reserve the Bioanalyzer by signing up in the appropriate facility logbook.

Sign up for the Stratagene real-time cyclers.

For access to Stearns 207, contact Alison Hochler.

For training and assistance with equipment use, contact Andrew Tarr.

Together, the CNR and Tufts University Core Facility (TUCF) provide services for the analysis of NextGen sequencing results and other bioinformatics projects. For bioinformatics consultation and training, contact Albert Tai.

Links of Interest

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FAQ regarding Gene Expression Studies
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F. Rob Jackson, PhD
Leon Reijmers, PhD

Scientific Advisors
Winston Hide, PhD
(The University of Sheffield)

Dennis Wall, PhD
(Stanford Medical School)

Stearns 207a