Imaging Fees

The current fee structure for academic users of the confocal and TIRF microscopes is as follows:

  • Leica SP8 - $50/h
  • Nikon A1R - $50/h
  • TIRF - $40/h *
  • Leica SPE - $25/h **
  • Keyence - $15/h

* For longer TIRF experiments, $40/h for the first 8 h and then $10/h thereafter.

** Because the Leica SP8 is heavily booked, we are offering a reduced rate of $25/h on the SPE to encourage its use.

Please adhere to the following new sign-up rules for the SP8:

  • Sign up for only 2 non-consecutive imaging sessions (4 hr each) per week during regular work hours: either 9-1pm, or 1-5 pm;
  • Once finished with those sessions, it is fine to sign up for more if time is available that week;
  • If you need a longer imaging session (of 6 or 8 hr), you will be required to sign up very early in the morning or stay several hours into the evening (after 5 pm);
  • Sign-ups not adhering to these rules will be deleted.

Rob Jackson, PhD
Michele Jacob, PhD

Core Manager
Alenka Lovy, PhD

Stearns 207