Imaging Fees

The current fee structure for academic users of the confocal and TIRF microscopes is as follows:

  • $50/h for use of the instrument, when assisted by the facility manager.*
  • $35/h for trained users, without technical assistance.
  • $150 per session for training sessions.

An Arcturus PixCell IIe laser capture microdissection device is available for cell capture experiments. There is no charge for its use.

* Tufts neuroscientists receive a subsidized rate of $20/h (with or without technical assistance) for use of confocal, 2-photon, and TIRF microscopes.

Philip Haydon, PhD
Michele Jacob, PhD

Core Manager
Alenka Lovy, PhD

Scientific Advisor
Kent Keyser, PhD
(University of Alabama, Birmingham)

Stearns 207