Research Concentration Program (RCP)

Students who are interested in long-term research opportunities may elect to interrupt the regular curriculum after completing the preclinical courses and join the Research Concentration Program (RCP). The goal of this program is to promote research experience for interested students at TUSM.

The RCP must be full time for a minimum of six cosecutive months and is not to exceed one year. Students are not permitted to take any coursework or clerkships while on RCP and must submit a final research report upon their completion.

Eligible tudents applying to the RCP must receive approval from the Dean of Students prior to undertaking the research. Students in a joint degree program must also obtain their Program Directors approval. To apply, the student must identify a research preceptor, complete the RCP form (available from the Registrar’s Office) and provide a description of the research that they will undertake.

The student and the preceptor must detail:

  • The nature of the student’s proposed research project and its relationship to ongoing research, if any
  • The role of the student in the project
  • Specific aims of the research
  • Research design and methods to be used
  • Description of the research activities to be conducted by the student
  • The working relationship with the student; indicate who will supervise the student in carrying out the research
  • Plan for regular student-preceptor meetings

While a student participates in the RCP, the student remains enrolled full time at TUSM and is responsible for payment of all required school fees including the Continuation Fee. There is no tuition charge for the time on RCP.