Student Research Opportunities

First-year medical students are offered the chance to apply for a summer research fellowship during the summer between their first and second year. There is a common application which is due March 27, 2017 at 5:00 pm.

The fellowship stipend is $4,000 for a period of at least eight weeks (40 hr/wk). Students conducting research under the mentorship of TUSM faculty at TUSM-affiliated institutions are eligible for the full amount of the fellowship. Students conducting research under the mentorship of non-TUSM faculty at non-TUSM-affiliated institutions are limited to 50% of the stipend ($2,000). Matching funds may be requested from the non-TUSM faculty/institution but are not required for the student to receive the award.

Summer Research Fellowship Conditions

  1. Fellowships are limited to students pursuing the degree of Doctor of Medicine.
  2. The fellowships are $4,000.00 per student if the research project is conducted at a Tufts affiliated hospital or with a Tufts faculty member and $2,000.00 for a non-affiliated hospital or non-Tufts faculty member. Matching funds can be requested from the non-Tufts faculty/institution, but they are not required for the student to receive the award.
  3. Fellowships will be disbursed in two installments: one at the start of the summer (mid-late June) after the PI submits confirmation of the student start date and one in mid-late July after the PI submits a short update on your progress.
  4. Students are expected to work 40 hours a week for at least eight weeks in the lab in order to receive the full fellowship.
  5. No more than two students working with the same mentor in the same laboratory may receive TUSM-sponsored fellowships.
  6. An eligible student may apply for other available fellowships offered by TUSM or external sources, but the student may only accept one.
  7. At the end of the summer, all students who received a fellowship are required to submit a one-page written abstract and present a poster at the Poster Fair which is held in the fall semester.
  8. The awarded students must complete a W9 form so that the monies can be paid. 

Application Information and Deadline:

To apply, fill out the fillable PDF common application Medical Student Summer 2017 Research Fellowship Application PLUS Instructions and submit via email ( by the application receipt deadline of March 27, 2017 at 5:00 pm.

Applications will be reviewed by the TUSM Committee on Medical Student Research, and notification of award will take place approximately four weeks after the application receipt deadline. The fellowship review committee will assign the appropriate award based on the guidelines of the fellowship.

The following fellowships are offered by TUSM:

Aid for Cancer Research Summer Fellowship

Aid for Cancer Research is a Boston based organization comprised of 25 volunteer women and a medical advisory board. Now in its fourth decade, Aid for Cancer Research is viewed as an important resource in the growth of cancer research departments in every institution throughout the greater Boston area. It supports and establishes cancer research laboratories and offers fellowship assistance. Aid for Cancer Research Fellowships are intended to support qualified individuals in the field of cancer research. The criteria in the choice of Fellows are professional quality and commitment.

  1. The Fellow must be a U.S. citizen or must be a legal permanent residency of the U.S. at the time the Fellowship becomes effective. The Fellow must currently be a medical student in the greater Boston areas. His/her research is to be conducted in a hospital in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
  2. The Fellowship will be offered for the months of June and July. The stipend will be $4,000 for the two month period. Aid for Cancer Research will not be responsible for any other expenses pertinent to the training (health insurance, fringe benefits, laboratory and clinical supplies).
  3. The name of the selected Fellow should be sent to Aid for Cancer Research along with a brief resume; not longer than one page.
  4. Checks will be made payable to the institution to the account of the Fellow and sent to the accounting office of that institution.
  5. The Research Fellowship should be aimed at providing the trainee with advanced research opportunities.
  6. At the end of the two month period, a one page progress report of the research project will be required from the medical student as well as the training program director. The medical student should cover the following: a) what did you learn in the course of the fellowship and b) did you find it worthwhile in the context of giving you another perspective on your future medical / scientific career? The training program director should respond as follows: a) Do you feel the student’s laboratory experience was worthwhile in the context of giving him another perspective in career choices; and b) was this a good usage of student’s time at this stage of his medical career? These reports should be submitted to the Corresponding Secretary of Aid for Cancer Research.
  7. All publications based on work which as been assisted by a grant from Aid for Cancer Research must be designated “Support by a grant from Aid for Cancer Research, Boston, Massachusetts.”

For more information about us please visit:

Richard E. Frates, MD, M55 Fellowship

This fund supports Tufts medical students conducting laboratory research in the basic sciences during the summer months between first and second year.

David F. Noonan Fellowship

This endowed fund was established in 1987 by family and friends in memory of David F. Noonan, a distinguished member of the class of 1990. The fellowship is awarded to a first-year medical student for research conducted during the summer between the first and second years of study. Preference will be given to a student conducting research related to diabetes or leukemia.

The Shader Family Research and Teaching Fund

The Shader Fund was established by Richard I. Shader, MD, and is awarded to a Tufts University School of Medicine student who is doing summer research in translational pharmacology or a TUSM student doing research with the Center for the Study of Drug Development.

Frederick and Bernadette Stohlman Student Research Award

This endowed fund was established by the children, friends, and colleagues of Dr. and Mrs. Stohlman after their death on September 8, 1974. The fund sponsors medical students to conduct biomedical research, specifically in the discipline of hematology. Up to two students are selected annually following a competitive application process in which interested students propose to conduct hematologically related research under the sponsorship of an established investigator. Whenever possible, the research is to be concerned with the proliferation of blood cells and its regulation, but the quality of the investigator and the laboratory in which the student proposes to work would be overriding considerations in the selection of recipients. Tenure of the award is the summer between the first and second years of study.

Harold Williams, MD, Medical Student Research Fellowship

This endowed fund was established by Mrs. Alice Cary Williams in the memory of her father, Dr. Harold Williams. The fellowship is designed for students who wish to carry out basic-science or clinical research during the summer between the first and second years of study. Students can pursue a wide range of research opportunities at the Medical School and its affiliated hospitals.