Summer/Fall Programs

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This eight-week program is in collaboration with the Center for Studies of Sensory Impairment, Aging and Metabolism (CeSSIAM).  The main CeSSIAM activities are to promote and enhance the education, formation, and professional orientation of students and young researchers in biomedical and health issues related to the global problems affecting the region. Research focusing on vulnerable segments of the population underlines the Institution social commitment.  The preferred topics are those related to nutrition, maternal & child health and nutrition, aging, chronic diseases and infectious diseases. 

This opportunity is well suited for the MD/MPH public health field experience, the MPH ALE, or MD students interested in a public health focused experience with proven relevant academic skills (e.g. epidemiology and biostatistics).  Field work and location depend on the specific project.


Faculty lead:
Odilia I. Bermudez, PhD, MPH, LDN
Associate Professor
Department of Public Health and Community Medicine Tufts University School of Medicine