Summer/Fall Programs

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This eight-week program places medical, public health, and joint degree students at Christian Medical College (CMC), the premier private medical school in India. CMC is located in Vellore, Tamil Nadu, which is in South India. TUSM has had a long relationship with CMC in infectious disease research and medical and graduate student exchange. During the summer programs, housing and board arrangements are available through CMC. Currently there are four formal programs with CMC, one of which is a semester in residency for the Public Health Program; the other three are summer programs.

MD Observership: Medical students who have successfully completed the first year may elect this option. These students have the opportunity to observe in a variety of clinical settings throughout the CMC system, including observation in community settings. This program does NOT have a research component. (Medical students who wish to do research at CMC in the summer must identify a mentor and develop a project independently.)

MD/MPH public health field experience: Combined degree students (MD/MPH; DVM/MPH) who have successfully completed the first year may elect to do their required summer public health field experience at CMC. These students attend a two week community health course; an epidemiology course and a health economics courses are also available and are optional. The remainder of the eight week program consists of a series of rotating placements in public health settings. Students may develop a small public health project during these rotations, which does not require IRB approval, but which expands their public health knowledge and enriches their experience. This project would be designed and implemented with the support of faculty mentors at CMC.

MPH ALE: MPH students may elect to do their Capstone Project (Applied Learning Experience (ALE)) at CMC. These students will elect this option early enough (no later than February) to allow for the selection of an appropriate mentor at CMC. Prior to arriving for their summer, these students will work with their CMC mentor to develop a project for IRB approval and which can be completed in the eight week time frame.

MPH Semester Residence: MPH students may elect to spend the fall semester at CMC. These students will participate in the Community Orientation Project (a three-week introduction to community work at CMC), an Advanced Epidemiology Course, and conduct their ALE in collaboration with a mentor.

Faculty Lead:
Honorine Ward, MD
Professor of Medicine
Tufts University School of Medicine
Division of Geographic Medicine and Infectious Diseases
Tufts Medical Center