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Students learning to use a stethoscope

Photo courtesy of Alan Hsu, M'14

In the IDEAS program, medical students from Tufts University School of Medicine spend afternoons tutoring Wright students with their daily homework assignments. The program also includes rigorous lesson plans relevant to the middle school curriculum. Our goal for each session is to run an activity that coincides with what the students are learning in class, providing a new and engaging perspective on their classwork in mathematics, science, and beyond.

Each week, we set goals for students by creating "students will be able to..." lines (SWBAT). We aim for students to master a new set of skills in this way. In order to achieve these goals, our activities range from math packets with practice MCAS problems to science experiments. In the past, we held egg drop trials, solving mysteries through DNA and fingerprinting techniques, and math Jeopardy games.

In conjunction with the school system, we began tracking the progress of each students and their improvements in the areas of mathematics. We hope this will allow our program to quantify the efficacy of the changes being implemented in IDEAS every year. Our mission is to see improvements in MCAS scores of the students who participate in IDEAS and help them to develop critical life skills which will aid them in pursuing their aspirations in education.

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