Learning Communities

Located on the second and third floors of the medical education building are TUSM’s four Learning Communities. Functioning as a physical “home base” for students, the Communities contain a living room, kitchen facilities, satellite TV, small group classrooms and study spaces. Designed to encourage interaction and community building among students and faculty,the Learning Communities are a vibrant place to learn, study, and relax.

Each Learning Community is anchored by an Advising Group comprised of seven senior physicians and scientists chosen for their exemplary personal and professional attributes and their proven dedication to students. Advisors are responsible for six to seven first-year students and meet with these students in groups as well as one-on-one. Faculty representing diverse medical specialties and scientific interests function as Advisors-at-Large, while Peer Advisors from the second-year class act as student representatives.

The Learning Communities have been designed to provide a structure for teaching and role modeling of professional and humanistic behavior that is essential for the practice of medicine. They are a place to build peer relationships and accomplish curricular objectives, particularly in the important areas of professional development and medical ethics.