Student Club Event Planning Guidelines

  • Student Club Event Planning Guidelines 

Please see the below guidelines for information relating to student club event planning

* For any questions, please email the Student Council Treasurer. The Office of Student Affairs staff are also available for questions: Dean Janet Kerle , and Paula Gagnon


  • Tufts University has an online room/space reservation system. Detailed information as well as the link to the system may be found on the OEA webpage: To access the system and to see any Boston room/space available for your meeting/event, via an internet browser, log into  with your UTLN and click the “Browse for Space” tab. Note: At this time, students only have access to browse, but do not have access to actually reserve the space online. A tip sheet to assist you with navigating this online system is also available on that site or in the OSA.
  • Students manually complete the Tufts University Health Sciences Campus Room Request Form and submit it via email to for Boston room/space requests. Blank copies are available at the student fax area in the Office of Student Affairs (Sackler 4th floor).
  • If you are expecting more than 30 people, the event is after hours, and/or alcohol will be served, complete the Tufts University Health Sciences Campus Room Request Form and submit the form with the event details for Dean Kerle’s review/approval and a copy to Paula Gagnon.

Event details to include in the write-up:

  • Name of event
  • Club(s) organizing event
  • Brief summary/purpose of event
  • Details of food/caterer
  • If you request alcohol to be served at event
  • Who is invited/will be attending event (TUSM Medical, TUSM Dental, students/staff), etc.

*        Once your room/space reservation is confirmed, be sure to contact the appropriate office(s) regarding room set up, food/alcohol and/or security coverage:

  • Tufts University Police: Regarding after-hours events and when alcohol being served, contact 617-636-6610 for security coverage. Please note that there may extra costs associated with after-hours events.
  • Audio/Visual: For the use of a projector, audio recorders, panel microphones, etc. contact Tufts Technology Services A/V 617-627-3376.
  • Facilities (Set up): If you are serving food and require the use of tables & chairs or have a specific room set-up request, contact Jessica Scott 617-636-6910 a minimum of 48 business/working hours
  • Just a reminder that all student club event information must also be sent to the email before Sunday at noon.


  • Food service is available through using Corporate Chefs. Contact Jamie at or 617-636-0540. Corporate Chefs requires a minimum three weeks advanced notice in order to obtain a liquor license for events where alcohol is being served.
  • Be advised that these services - facilities, ed. media, police and catering - will be charged according to their rates, including during business and after-hours coverage.
  • A Tufts purchasing card (credit card), commonly referred to as a “P card,” may be used to make purchases over $400. If your club intends to use the P card, an email must be sent to Amanda Paolitto with your club’s detailed request at least a week in advance of the purchase/event. PLEASE PLAN ACCORDINGLY, as any requests made to use the P card with less than a week’s notice are up to the discretion of the OSA.
  • Blank Business & Travel Expense Reimbursements forms (for expenses incurred by the student club and to be paid from the student club funds) are in the OSA student fax area. Within 30 days, the original, detailed receipts are required along with signed and completed, event sign-in sheet and weekly class email announcement of event.



  • For fundraising events where you intend to collect money, please contact Paula Gagnon between at least three weeks in advance to set up a product to sell via E-Commerce, an online purchasing system used when selling products. Please contact the OSA if you have any questions regarding the online payment system.  
  • Note: Clubs can accept cash for bake sales and it can be safely secured in the OSA before it gets deposited to your club account.



If you are part of an Interest Group and are planning a speaker/panel event, the leader of the group should contact the OSA with information about any events they are having that fall under the heading of career exploration so that they can be co-branded as SAGE events.

  • By Sunday at noon the week prior to your event (10-14 days in advance of the actual event), please email to Carol “Sue” Poindexter with information about any upcoming events that your club is scheduling. Include the name of your interest group, the date, time and location of your event, speaker names & titles and topic, as well as a club contact name and email. When the club is providing food at a SAGE event, please also indicate this in the email. You can expect to hear within 3 days whether or not your event needs to be co-branded.



  • Use of the name Tufts and corresponding insignia cannot be used without appropriate permission. If you would like to use the Tufts name on any items, please contact the OSA 4-6 weeks in advance to provide a final proof of design and details of its use.