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12/04/2022 - Phoenix, Arizona - Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) students and faculty pose for photographs at Phoenix, Arizona campus on December 4, 2022.  (Caitlin O'Hara for Tufts University)

The Department of Rehabilitation Sciences is dedicated to tackling the diverse challenges within the field of physical therapy. Through collaborative research, we strive to make meaningful contributions to the field, ultimately improving the lives of those we serve. Explore the dynamic research themes that drive our faculty's work.

Interventions in Specialized Populations

Our faculty is actively engaged in developing and refining interventions tailored to specific populations, including athletes, geriatric patients, neurologically-involved patients and pediatric patients. Through innovative approaches, we strive to enhance the quality of life and functional outcomes for individuals facing unique rehabilitation challenges.

Advancing Clinical Practice

Through collaborative efforts, faculty members actively contribute to advancing clinical practice, implementing evidence-based approaches, and nurturing a culture of continuous improvement in rehabilitation care.

Pain/Pain Science

Understanding and addressing pain is a critical aspect of physical therapy. Our faculty's research in pain science aims to unravel the complexities of pain mechanisms, develop novel interventions, and improve pain management strategies. By delving into the science of pain, we aim to alleviate suffering and enhance the overall well-being of individuals experiencing pain.

Physical Examination, Diagnosis, and Diagnostic Accuracy

Our faculty is dedicated to advancing the science of physical examination, diagnosis, and diagnostic accuracy. Through rigorous research, we strive to improve the accuracy of assessments, laying the foundation for tailored and effective rehabilitation plans.

Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SOTL)

As the academic home of the Tufts Doctor of Physical Therapy programs, our faculty is committed to exploring innovative teaching methodologies, refining curricula, and contributing to the scholarly discourse on effective pedagogical practices within the field of rehabilitation sciences.

Tufts DPT faculty published 73 peer-reviewed publications in 2023.

Tufts DPT faculty published 73 peer-reviewed publications in 2023.

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