MD/MPH Concentration

The MD/MPH is a four-year, fully integrated program that allows selected MD students to earn both an MD degree and an MPH degree in a four-year period. Both the MPH curriculum and the MPH schedule are carefully coordinated with the MD program so that students get the full benefit of both degree programs and are supported to succeed in both. The dual degree serves as its own area of specialization in public health:  the integration and synergy of medicine and public health. Graduates of the program go on to do residencies in any specialty and are prepared to pursue careers that are purely clinical, full-time in public health, or in their own unique blend of the two disciplines.

Skills & Competencies

  • Assess the impact of laws, regulations, or cases on public health practice and/or health care delivery and financing
  • Develop a quality improvement plan
  • Apply medical knowledge and expertise to solving public health problems
  • Critique proposed improvements in public health programs, policies, and systems
  • Critique the public health and health care literature

Core courses for the MD/MPH

Student in the MD/MPH take a core curriculum that meets the same foundational competencies as are met by all other MPH students, but because of their unique needs with respect to the way MD/MPH graduates use the degree over time, they are provided a set of course courses that differ from the other MPH concentrations

  • CMPH 118: Social & Behavioral Sciences
  • CMPH 131: Principles of Epidemiology and Inferential Statistics I
  • CMPH 133: : Principles of Epidemiology and Inferential Statistics II
  • CMPH 136: Health Care Organization: Budgeting and Management
  • CMPH 288: Research Methods
  • CMPH 253/353: Applied Learning Experience (ALE) Planning
  • CMPH 357: Health Care Reform and More: Current Topics in American Health Care Policy
  • CMPH 453: Applied Learning Experience (ALE) Implementation

Courses required in addition to the core

  • MD Course: Population Health & the Profession of Medicine
  • CMPH 151/251/351: Integration of Public Health
  • MD Course: Clinical Nutrition
  • CMPH 204: Law and Public Health
  • CMPH 203: Environmental and Occupational Health
  • CMPH 208: Public Health Field Experience
  • CMPH 209: Applied Quality Improvement Methods
  • 7.5 elective credits