Letters of Recommendation

Applicants to Tufts School of Medicine are required to submit letters of recommendation from college faculty members, employers, volunteer activity supervisors, or others who are able to attest to the applicant’s qualifications for medical school. Although we do not have specific requirements as to whom must write your letters, letters from impartial sources are recommended. Requesting letters from family members and friends is discouraged.

Letters are only accepted via the AMCAS Letters Service.

Applicants must submit a minimum of either:

  • Three individual letters (we do not specify the nature of the authors) that will arrive at the admissions office separately.
  • A “package” of letters that will arrive from the applicant’s undergraduate or post-baccalaureate school’s premedical office or career-services office. The nature of the “package” varies greatly from school to school. Some schools write an official premedical committee letter and append individual letters; some schools write “composite” letters which refer to and quote individual letters; some schools simply collect, collate, and distribute individual letters. We accept all variations.

We do not have a maximum limit on the number of letters you may submit. However, in general, applicants submit between 3-5 letters.