Secondary Application

Information for the Medical School Entering Class

If you have designated Tufts University School of Medicine on your AMCAS application, we thank you for applying to our medical school!

When we receive your initial AMCAS application, we will send you an email inviting you to submit an online secondary application to Tufts. This email will include a password that will enable you to access our online secondary application web site. (Please note that Applications will not be reviewed until your Secondary application has been submitted, your AMCAS application has been "Verified", the minimum required letters of recommendation are received and a valid MCAT score is recorded by AMCAS.)

All applicants to the entering class are required to complete and submit our MD application. Applicants to any of our combined degree programs should use our secondary website to complete and submit both our MD application and our Combined Degree Program (CDP) application. Applicants interested in the "Maine Track" of the MD program should use the secondary website to submit both our MD application and our Maine Track application.

General Information

Our secondary application deadline is January 15. (Applicants are able to add combined degree applications after that date.)

After submitting your secondary application, you can do the following via the secondary application web site:

  • Check the status of your application
  • Add a combined degree program application
  • Add a Maine Track application
  • View email correspondence relating to your application
  • Upload update documents
  • Schedule your interview if you are invited to do so
  • Withdraw your medical school application
  • Withdraw your combined degree program application
  • Withdraw your Maine Track application

If you have received an AMCAS application fee waiver, it will be reflected on our secondary application website.

If you experience any problems with our secondary application web site, please contact the Admissions Office.