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The Ceremony

May 23, 2021

*** Due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, the format of the all-university Commencement Ceremony and the Medical School specific ceremony are still being determined. 

Traditionally, the Commencement Ceremony is divided into two phases. Phase I is the University-wide ceremony in which all schools participate. It includes the academic procession, the awarding of honorary degrees, recognition of faculty emeriti, recognition of degree candidates by school, and the all-university Commencement address. Phase II of Commencement at Tufts consists of the presentation of diplomas to individual graduates and special activities for the various schools and departments.

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Jason T. Szelog processes with his classmates during the Phase II Commencement ceremony for the Tufts School of Medicine

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The 2018 School of Medicine graduates are ready to tackle health-care challenges