Graduate Student Government

Student speaking to student

The Student Senate serves as a voice for the students enrolled in the Tufts University School of Medicine Graduate Programs. We invite all students to get involved in events that the Senate hosts to promote student participation, academic and professional advancement, networking, service, and fun. All students, faculty, and staff should feel free to bring any issues and concerns from the student body to the Senate for discussion and resolution. The Senate also communicates information from faculty and staff to the student body.

In more detail, the purpose of the Student Senate is to:

  • protect and promote the interests of the student body
  • represent the student body of the graduate programs at Tufts University School of Medicine
  • improve general student welfare and encourage student involvement
  • gather and express student opinions, views, and concerns
  • ensure that students are fully apprised of all information of impact to their graduate experience
  • foster cohesiveness and a sense of community within the entire graduate population

The Student Senate also recruits student representatives to sit on Faculty Committees within the program. By sitting on these committees, the representatives act as a voice for fellow students to give student input. It is a respected and most valued role to be a part of these committees. 

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Faculty Committees

  • Senate Officers (Senate President, Vice President)
  • Admissions (MPH and CMPH representatives)
  • Academic Affairs (MPH and CMPH representatives)
  • Library (any graduate program Senator)
  • Promotions (any graduate program Senator)
  • MBS Steering (MBS Representative)
  • Multicultural Affairs (any graduate program Senator)
  • External MPH Steering Committee (any MPH Senator)

We encourage anyone to contact the Student Senate with questions, concerns, or event ideas.