Tufts MBS-MD Interview Linkage 

Tufts University School of Medicine is a world-class medical school with cutting-edge research, a supportive environment, and deeply connected network—and which is highly selective. By choosing the MBS program, students receive several benefits to help them succeed in the medical school application process, especially if they are interested in attending the Tufts MD program.

Relationship to the MD Program

The MBS program collaborates with the School of Medicine MD Program in several ways that benefit all MBS students:

  • MBS administrators and advisors regularly communicate with the MD Admissions Officers to gain feedback and learn about medical school trends.
  • The MD Admissions Deans host a Q&A session for MBS students each year.
  • MBS applicants to the Tufts MD program are assured a timely, comprehensive, and holistic review of their application, with every consideration possible made to offer them an invitation to interview. 

On Average


MBS applicants are interviewed for Tufts' MD program yearly


MBS applicants are admitted to Tufts' MD program yearly

Interview Linkage Program

To further support MBS students, we also offer a unique, non-competitive interview linkage program with MD Admissions Office. All MBS students who apply to the School of Medicine’s MD program are guaranteed an interview if they meet the following criteria:

  • Meet the MD program professionalism standards
  • Have completed appropriate career exploration relating to the profession of medicine
  • Achieved a 3.70 or higher GPA upon completion of their MBS coursework
  • Achieved a 510 or higher score on the MCAT

Please note:

  • MBS Linkage criteria will be applied in the Application Cycle you apply regardless of when you completed the didactic coursework
  • MBS students who meet the Linkage criteria are guaranteed an interview in a single Application Cycle (interview offers are not guaranteed to re-applicants)
  • MBS Linkage program does not guarantee interview to the Maine Track
  • Not available to international students (except DACA students)

A Non-Competitive Approach

Our unique approach tempers competitiveness between peers by not limiting the total number of interviews offered to MBS students by the MD Admissions Office. In addition, although we offer the MBS Linkage to provide clarity and assurance to MBS students, all MBS students who apply to the School of Medicine's MD program get preferred consideration for interviews and will be carefully and holistically reviewed. This is regardless of if they meet the specific MBS Linkage criteria outlined above or the total number of MBS students applying to the MD program that year.