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Tufts University School of Medicine

School of Medicine's Five-Year Strategic Plan

Discovery, Design, Test, Approve & Implement

As we experience an ever-changing academic environment, we are now turning our efforts to building a strategic plan to help shape our school’s future identity and actions. We hope to improve the student, faculty and staff experience, enable our research to have an even greater impact on society and redefine our role in improving health care for everyone – an admittedly ambitious agenda.

Under the leadership of co-chairs Joyce Sackey, MD, and Karen Freund, MD, MPH, the Steering Committee members reflect faculty, students and staff across all our programs, including clinical and basic faculty at TUSM and at our affiliates. The membership of the committee includes:

  • Faculty: Signe Flieger, Iris Jaffe, Jamie Maguire, Amy Lee, Mike Tarnoff, Keith Nokes, Mary Brown
  • Students: Liz Moss, Caitlin Fai, John Ibekwe, Stacie Clark, Rubeen Guardado, Faiz Jasper Abu-Jaber
  • TUSM Administration: Scott Epstein, Aviva Must, Erin Morgan
  • University Administration: Kevin Dunn
  • Staff: Christina McCormack, Paula Gagnon
  • Partners/Teaching Affiliates: Doug Sawyer, Anne Mosenthal

If at any point along the way you have ideas you want to share with the committee or TUSM’s leadership team, please email us at